Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Excessive Facial Sweat Remedy: Aluminum Chloride Topical Solution

What is Aluminum Chloride Facial Hyperhidrosis Treatment?

The quickest and easiest way to combat your facial hyperhidrosis is through the use of a topical solution containing aluminum chloride. Aluminum chloride products, such as Drysol, work by blocking the sweat ducts and preventing sweat from being released!

If garden variety aluminum chloride is cutting it, the prescription strength antiperspirants might be necessary. So head to your doctor and ask about aluminum chloride hexahydrate, a step up the anti-sweating ladder.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

What is Facial Hyperhidrosis?

Embarrassing Excessive Facial Sweating

There you have it, facial hyperhidrosis is embarrassing excessive facial sweating. It is caused by overactive sweat glands in the face, and makes it look like you've just been baptized. Sometimes it can be caused by a stressful situation, other times light exercise can be the culprit. Whatever the cause of facial hyperhidrosis, it is not fun.

Stop Facial Hyperhidrosis

Stopping excessive facial sweating isn't easy, but this blog can help. Through my posts I will introduce you to a variety of facial hyperhidrosis treatments and cures for facial sweating. Through my tips and tricks, you will no longer have to face this embarrassment and live a fulfilling and normal life once more!

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